Bringing smoke to life

Craftsmanship in all areas is a byword at Besmoke. Our bespoke, natural smoke chambers are designed and built on traditional principles but with a modern approach that also makes them efficient and safe.
We use several different types of wood to create our unmistakable smoked ingredients; these are processed in one of five smoke chambers, each with their own very distinct ‘personality’. They feel like part of the family so we named them after famous smokers, giving them each a true character:

‘The Winston’

– Oak –

Our most popular wood smoke flavour, providing the base for all our wood blends. It’s a versatile wood, suiting all applications through its characteristic flavour and traditional roots in smoking.

‘The Amy’

– Special blends –

We excel at creating unique combinations of wood chips. Special commissions do require volume orders or you can choose from one of our first-class standard blends on request.

‘The Groucho’

– Hickory –

This strong, bitter smoke packs an aromatic punch and is ideally suited to intensely flavoured foods.

‘The Ernest’

 – Mesquite –

Another strong American favourite. Its sweet, nutty smoke combines earthy characters and spicy bitter notes.

‘The Audrey’

– Apple & cherry –

A deliciously sweet smoke from fruit wood chips to provide gentle floral notes fused with toffee to create smoke flavours with real personality.

Huw Griffiths

 – Smoke professor –

Together with Huw – our very own ‘Smoke Professor’ – they breathe the life into Besmoke… and are all one of a kind!

Creating unique blends

Natural food smoking is our obsession. Leaders and innovators in this sector, we believe the opportunities for creating unusual, new yet natural smoky flavours are limitless. We thrive on challenge so put us to the test and let us craft an exclusive, tailor-made smoke flavour for your company.

Smoking chambers

We put the science into smoke. Designed in-house and developed over 10 years of practical use, Besmoke’s natural draft smokers have a sound 10-ton capacity. Our unique ‘slow burn’ furnaces generate consistent smoke flow using a range of natural wood flavours such as oak, hickory, apple, cherry and mesquite to create safe products with unmistakable flavour character. We are able to wet and dry smoke allowing us to process everything from fine powders and granules to pastes, oils and now even water.

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