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Flavour plays an essential role in all our daily lives. That’s why at Besmoke flavour is at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate the need for complex, clean, balanced, and bold flavours that make your product stand out in the crowd. We bring flavour to life in any application.

Since 2004 we’ve been pushing the boundaries of smoked food ingredients. Reducing the risk of smoke consumption by developing state-of-the-art patented technology that removes 95% of the carcinogenic PAH’s from smoke; creating fresh, complimentary and rounded flavours, engineering smoke volatiles to change the culinary landscape with clean grill flavours, umami boosting taste enhancers, salt and sugar reducers and so much more.

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The Besmoke Benefits

  • Authentic smoke & grill flavours
  • Remove over 95% of PAH’s
  • Natural, clean declaration and safe
  • Removes acrid smoke tar
  • Sustainable and healthier

For inspirational barbecue, grill, rotisserie and open fire cooking, contact Besmoke.

Discover The Besmoke Range

Our products were born from a desire to create the most exciting, innovative and pure barbecue flavours in the world. Flavours that could produce incredible results across all sectors.

We began our journey with our SmokeCreate™ range. We use traditional smoking techniques to develop authentic draft smoked ingredients. Rich, deep and utterly moreish.

The true innovation and future of Besmoke lies within our products made possible by PureTech™, our range of smoke, grill and umami flavours using our patented, state-of-the-art technology to deliver balanced smoke, grill or umami flavour in the cleanest, purest form. The technology enables flavour profiles to be enhanced, salt and sugar levels to be reduced and so much more.

PureSmoke™ delivers the true taste of smoke: aromatic, complex and deeply flavoursome. From a deep south, American pit smoke-style flavour to delicately infusing dishes, PureSmoke™ creates experiences that consumers will relish time and time again.

PureGrill™ is a range of naturally smoked food ingredients that deliver a deep savoury note of grill – absolutely essential for authentic barbecue, grill, rotisserie and genuine taste creation. Clean, rounded savoury grill notes provide character, depth and complexity without compromise.

PureMami™ is our revolutionary range of flavour enhancers that combine the unique powers of PureSmoke volatiles with complex enzymatic reactions. These result in products capable of salt and sugar reduction, umami boosting, taste enhancements and masking off notes.

SmokeCreate™ is our natural draft traditional smoking facility creating iconic products for global brands. We use authentic natural smoking techniques to develop rich, deep smoke in a wide range of food ingredients. This is the art of smoke, where it all began.

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Our past present and future

Our founder Huw Griffiths’ obsession with flavour science began in 2004 when he first started smoking garlic in an old tin ballot box, experimenting endlessly with the process to achieve the perfect result. His high-quality smoked garlic took off at delis and food markets around the country, and when he added smoked salt and smoked pepper to the range, Besmoke was born.

As the quality of the products came to the attention of more and more major brands, Besmoke grew from artisanal creator to large-scale supplier of smoked ingredients to the food industry. But always with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Solving challenges is something we thrive on, and we quickly recognised the need to revolutionise the smoke industry, to bring it in line with modern consumer demands and EU legislation. So, in partnership with University of Reading Flavour Centre and Professor Dave Baines, we created PureTech™: a filtration technology capable of removing up to 95% of carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from smoke. This results in not only the cleanest, safest smoke products in the world, but also some of the most powerful flavour enhancers.

Certification / Partnerships

Innovation is our lifeblood. And this is only the beginning.

Speak to us to find out what the future holds for Besmoke and how you can be part of it.

Future proofed flavours for plant based kitchens

The meat alternative market is surging; plant-based analogues are moving from niche to mainstream. But we understand that creating delicious, plant-based alternatives doesn’t come without challenges, whether that’s masking the off notes of plant proteins, building authentic meat flavours, battling the artificial perception of meat analogues, or withstanding harsh processes. For consumers, whatever the challenge, compromise on flavour is out of the question.

Our PureGrill™, PureSmoke™ and PureMami™ taste enhancers are produced with state-of-the art technology that bring plant-based flavour to life with truly authentic meat, grill, smoke and umami flavours. They’re vegan, halal and kosher, so suitable for every market.

We can help bring your plant-based food to life with our unique flavours, and whatever your challenges are, we’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution.

Once you have our flavours in front of you, anything is possible.

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Meet Huw

Founder, smoke creative & innovator. Huw’s obsessive drive to create the best products and processes has inspired his team to create the best smoke company in the world!

Meet Dave

Professor Baines, world renowned food chemist and flavour scientist. Dave’s wealth of knowledge drives our innovation and technology.

Meet Colin

Commercial Director extraordinaire, driving the global sales strategy to bring Besmoke to the masses.

Meet Gerardo

Global Sales and Distribution Director, Managing our global networks and customers.

Meet Kirsty

Plant-based Business Development Manager and Food Technologist, growing the demand for alternative protein with innovation and creativity.

Meet Jenese

UK Business Development Manager, delivering our UK sales strategy.

Meet Becky

NPD Controller, flavourist and food technologist delivering creativity from innovation.

Meet Petra

Technical Manager, keeping us all in line.

Meet Elena

Science and NPD Manager, delivering the flavour through innovation.

Meet Bev

Business Manager, keeping us all on our toes.

Meet Judith

UK Business Development Manager, delivering our UK sales strategy.

Meet Peter

Technical Sales Director Mainland Europe, European smoke and grill expert.

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